Daydreaming at the office

I’m sitting at my desk  avoiding going out to the scorching heat of this sunny summer day, I’m daydreaming with places like the North Pole, an infinity pool near the Pacific, a white sandy beach in the Caribbean… after several minutes a phone call wakes me up I smile and stare at the top of my computer screen, it’s only 1:00pm and the thermometer says is 90º F outside, plus humidity. I decide to order a salad and stay in for lunch.

While my Ceasar salad arrives I start wondering around my iPhoto galleries and land in an album called “Para el Blog” a handful of pictures that  never made it to the blog… until now.

In honor of #TravelThursday and the daydream lapse I had earlier, here are some pictures from the last twelve months!

Cantaloupe Ice cream at Heladería Colón in Merida.

Cantaloupe Ice cream at Heladería Colón in Merida.

I can’t stop recommending Heladería Colón, so many flavors, some to sweet for my taste but the one pictured above, coconut and lime are perfect to cool off. You must also try the guanabana ice cream.

Early morning in November at the Ballon Festival in Leon, Guanajuato.

International Balloon Festival, León Guanajuato. Mx.

The International Ballon Festival in León takes place in November and you have to be at the Metropolitan Park early in the morning. It is magical when the sun starts to rise on the horizon and dozens of hot air balloons take off around you, even more so if you are lucky enough to flight in one of them!

Pristine beach at Tulum archeological site.

Turquoise water at the beach in Tulum archeological site, unbelievable!

I know is also hot in the Riviera Maya, I just wish I could plunge in that beautiful beach right about now! or the near future…

Last but not least, a shot from the beach at Punta de Mita in the Riviera Nayarit, the Marietas Islands in the distance, It was a perfectly clear winter day in Paradise!

Winter day at the beach, Punta Mita.

Winter day at the beach, Punta Mita.

So looking forward for my next gateway, I hope it’s rainy and cold up in the mountains for the next few days. Stay tuned for the next post and let me know how your summer is going in the comments section.



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