A burrito like no other: Tacón de Marlin

I’ll assume you probably have eaten burritos before, if not you should! This culinary icon of the Tex – Mex gastronomy was born in the Mexican border city of Juarez (Chihuahua) and is now widely known in all of Mexico, the United States and other parts of the world.

Burritos are made with a flour tortilla (7in diameter) rolled and cooked then filled with a variety of ingredients, the most commonly use are beans, cheese and meat. The burrito at Tacón de Marlin has a twist: seafood! as main ingredient, very suitable for a beach town like Puerto Vallarta.

Welcome! Tacón de Marlin

Sign at the pedestrian bridge that takes you to the airport.

This eatery located across the main entrance of Vallarta’s International Airport is well known by locals, pilots and aviation crew and the savvy travelers returning to town who make a pit stop for a great meal after a flight.

The exceptional service and informal atmosphere makes this spot special, but what keeps the clientele returning as myself is their delicious food, in the last 21 years they have opened four other restaurants in Guadalajara, Mazatlán and downtown Puerto Vallarta.

Shrimp filling

The grill at Tacón de Marlin

Tacón de Marlin entrée is a house salad made with cucumber, carrot, jicama and mango topped  with a tasty creamy and aromatic dressing. The salad is courtesy of the restaurant and you can eat all you want, on my las visit with a couple of friends we tried three different burritos: shrimp with smoked marlin (picture below), crab and sea bas with shrimp, all three were to die for!

Smoked marlin and shrimp burrito, house salad.

Our lunch arrive and it looked so yummy!

Another highlight of this eatery is the sauces, they offer two: mild and spicy. I by far prefer the spicy one, it has oregano, garlic and serrano pepper. And for the dressing lovers they have chipotle and garlic.

Below a picture of the crew, thank you guys for offering such friendly and attentive service and incredibly awesome burritos!

Awesome service

Crew at Tacón de Marlin

Until next time!


3 thoughts on “A burrito like no other: Tacón de Marlin

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  2. Just returned from my 8th trip to Vallarta! Can’t believe I haven’t tried this place until my departure on my most recent trip. From here on out, it will be my first and last meal in Vallarta! Holy Yumminess!!!!

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