Pizza to die for…

Last week I was looking for a place to eat in my neighborhood, so I parked my car in a small shopping center near Francisco Villa street to check out the menu at Ricotta, Cocina Italiana. I was happily surprised by their menu but most of all their affordable price list starting at $60 pesos salads & appetizers to $90 – $130 main dishes with seafood. The service is great and something that is really appealing to me is the location, so for all folks living in Fluvial Vallarta, Gaviotas, Aralias this is a great option or if you are doing some shopping at Macroplaza this eatery is just a few blocks away.

I ordered a caprese salad and a pizza that is not in the menu (recommended by Willie), pure yumminess!!! The pizza has a thin and crispy crust and the smokiness produced by the brick oven put Ricotta’s pizza in my top 5.

They have a special everyday for lunch and on Wednesdays pizza is 2×1, at night the terraza is especially charming and the ambience music was a highlight of my meal too. Below are some pictures of the place and the food I ordered, enjoy!

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The address is Av. Los Tules #168, Col. Jardines Vallarta.

Disclosure: the wine pictured in one of the photos is not available at the restaurant, but I think is a good shot to show you the outdoor seating area.


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